Quattrgroup is an Israeli-Ukrainian group of companies, which is engaged in investment activity and owns a portfolio of horizontally diversified assets.

The group's activity is focused on growth of the potential of Israeli business community in Ukraine, as well as on implementation of projects of Israeli partners, who are looking for an opportunity to invest in the developing country safely and comfortably.

Quattrgroup is created by a like-minded team, every member of which is a highly qualified expert in a particular domain. It largely determines the area of our investment interests: housing and commercial real estate, functioning businesses in IT, Health Care, FMCG, venture investments, strategic partnership with organizations, which facilitate cross-cultural and business relations.


Quattrgroup provides financial and management instruments for developing entrepreneurial talent of Israeli community in Ukraine, constantly expanding local partners` database. We attract long-term investments into the country, implement promising business ideas, establish management standards, and offer qualitatively new level of service. As a result, Quattrgroup contributes to the persistent progress of the whole business-community in Ukraine.


Basing on impeccable reputation among Israeli businessmen, Quattrgroup aspires to become:

  • A key-partner for Ukrainian business-community in terms of the implementation of large-scale projects, involving Israeli capital
  • A leader in arranging sustainable business relationships between Ukraine and Israel
  • A platform, which will facilitate Ukrainian commune to realize its full business potential


Reputation is over money

Quattrgroup was founded in response to Israeli community`s demand in implementing personal business projects. Our company is holding on communication, transparency, and mutual trust. That is why the reputation of our partners, who stand by their word and take responsibility for consequences of taken decisions, is our top-priority.

People over business

Our most valuable assets are people with their entrepreneurial talent, business ethics and desire to create added values. We invest mostly in promising teams, rather than in ideas, which could be refined and converted to a functioning business by a harmonious like-minded experts.

Experts synergy

Quattrgroup invests in high-return assets, well aware that risk-management is in the hands of professional and experienced team, able to work jointly and find innovative solutions.

Solutions based on analytics

While making strategic decisions, we rely on in-depth research and analysis of economic conditions, specific markets, financial and business-metrics of projects, as well as check of counterparty credibility. Modern approach to the analysis enables us to find a middle way between risks and profitability of our investments.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are convinced that business can only be truly effective if it creates additional value for the society in which it operates. Quattrgroup is a responsible corporate citizen of Ukraine and implements its own social responsibility program focused on developing contact sports.

In 2020, our company became the principal partner of the Women's Boxing League and the Ukrainian Lionesses team, as well as the general partner of the Khmelnitsky Regional Boxing Federation. Within these partnership deals, Quattrgroup provides resources, consulting and technical support that contribute to the sustainable operation of both organizations and ensure a high level of events under their auspices.

Mishel Furaev
Founder of Quattrgroup

Visionary leader and architect of synergetic teams

Dima Volkov
Investment Director

Expands partners' network, manages negotiations, explores business opportunities in Israel and Ukraine, launches new business directions in the company

Elena Sadovskaya*
International tax and legal specialist

Experienced tax&law specialist with complex problem-solving expertise and practices in wide range of projects and full support of businesses. Former tax lawyer at Ernst&Young, author of up to 50 scientific publications

* on cooperation basis

Alon Noiman
Sports Operations Director

Winner of international boxing events. 5 years in the ring

Oleg Petrenko
Head of R&D department

Implementation of projects from idea to client support, analysis of business processes, adaptation of products to business needs, business upgrade by implementing digital solutions. 5 years of developing projects and managing project teams in the spheres of Real Estate, TV and Radio Broadcasting, Sports, Analytics, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Yana Novak
QG Event Management Lead

Tribe Events CEO. Founder and the creative mind behind Chillary, the biggest psytrance festival in Ukraine. Specializes in conceptualizing and coordinating large-scale corporate and entertainment events


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