Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance Launches Second Opinion Program for Ukrainian Patients

On April 13, Quattrgroup's strategic partner Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance (IUA) officially unveiled its Second Opinion Program that allows Ukrainian patients to seek advice from Israeli doctors without unnecessary intermediaries or personal visits.

“This program is a valuable contribution to expanding cooperation between our countries in the medical field. Ukraine and Israel are already implementing exchange programs for doctors and joining forces to combat the pandemic. Second Opinion is another important and useful initiative for Ukrainian s,” Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevhen Korniychuk said when opening the conference.

Among the organizations that has already joined the program are the leading Israeli clinics like the Emek Medical Center, the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital), and the Schneider Children's Medical Center, as well as IzMedic , a firm specializing in providing medical services in Isreal to foreign patients, and two NGOs, “Israeli Friends of Ukraine” and Charitable Foundation “Chance for Life”.

According to IUA ’s CEO Anna Zharova , the second opinion is common medical practice when patients and medical institutions turn to outside specialists ’ advice in complex or ambiguous cases. Especially when it comes to cancer and other serious diseases, where the cost of error is very high.

Thanks to the IUA ’s program, Israeli doctors will not only be able to review patient examination results, but make their own if necessary. As told by Serhiy Postovsky , pediatric oncologist and head of the pediatric oncology department of the Emek Medical Center, the center has specialists licensed to export biological material from Ukraine to Israel, so it can do all kinds of diagnostics, including molecular and genetic, to clarify the diagnosis.

R esponding to questions from participants of the online conference about the prices of second opinion services, Leonid Shulman from IzMedic said that they may differ significantly depending on the chosen clinic and the specific case, but still remain much more affordable than the cost of coming to Israel for examination.

The Second Opinion program is open to all patients from Ukraine. To request a second opinion, simply fill out an application on the website , after which the staff of the Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance will contact you to clarify the details and form a formal request to Israeli clinics.

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance