What makes Ukraine so attractive to Israeli investments

Israeli-Ukraine Alliance, the strategic partner of Quattrgroup, told about Israel's investments in Ukraine.

Israel is one of Ukraine's important partners. According to the State Statistics Committee, Israeli investments into the Ukrainian economy constitute $68.7 million in the first half of 2020.

The most investment-attractive industries for Israeli investors are Real Estate, IT, Processing, and Agroindustry. However, experts of the Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance are convinced that even though foreign investors from Israel are already present on the market, Ukraine still needs to improve the conditions and standards of doing business and strives to strengthen partnerships.

Olha Stoliarchuk, director of Kyiv office of Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance, told Delo.ua what Ukraine should do to attract Israeli investment: 

‘What should Ukraine do to attract Israeli investments? Firstly, make itself clearly visible on every business platform. Secondly, work hard every day to protect foreign financial investments better. Today, the international community also wants to see what will come out of the recently signed “investment nannies” law that introduces a number of benefits for the investment projects meeting its criteria and implemented till 2035. In addition, the international focus is on the newly announced Foreign Investment Fund. Thirdly, the analysis of several “hot” cases of foreign investors proves that protection of investments and assets, fair courts, and the fight against corruption should be on the top of the state's agenda. Also, Ukraine should consistently support exporters by clarifying conditions and opportunities of the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Israel”  

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Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance