How Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance strengthens business relationships between countries. Recapping results of 2021

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance (IUA) is an international company focused on enhancing social, business, and investment relations between Israel and Ukraine. In 2021, IUA became a strategic partner of Quattrgroup, and it means that the link-building process between entrepreneurs from both countries has received a new impetus. 

In 2021, the Alliance, with support of Quattrgroup, initiated and carried out lots of events and projects for professional communities both in Israel and Ukraine. 

To broaden opportunities for Israeli investors in Ukraine, the IUA team took part in the Israeli Real Estate Forum. The real estate market in Kyiv is growing dynamically. We explain its attractiveness in by three factors: lower price per square meter, higher profitability, and less regulations than in Israel. 

Together with business and governors, Alliance experts in 2021 participated in public discussions on the export of IT services and technology transfer opportunities. The Ukrainian IT sector is attractive for foreign investors due to access to highly qualified specialists. It’s quite clear why they call them the primary driver of Ukraine’s modern economy. At the same time, Israel enjoys a reputation of a country of start-ups and innovations. Today, tens of thousands of Ukrainian IT specialists work for Israeli companies. Partnerships in the technological field between countries will only strengthen in future. 

Healthcare is another industry where countries can interact and have mutual benefits. Last year, the Alliance team arranged study tours and meetings of Ukrainian companies with a few biotech and medical companies in Israel. In general, delivery of educational tours is one of the priorities for the IUA.  

In 2022, Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance plans to conduct business tours in various industries to exchange experience and establish new partnerships. 

IUA's work in 2021 resulted in successful partnership agreements. For example, the Alliance team contributed to signing a memorandum of cooperation between Quattrgroup and Yissum. Yissum Research Development Company is the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's technology transfer company, whose mission is to convert scientific research and patents into commercial solutions for end-users.  

In addition to business communities from both countries, Israel-Ukraine Alliance closely cooperates with the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine, the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office, and international financial organizations. 

The Free Trade Agreement opens new horizons to develop investment cooperation in 2022. Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance, jointly with Quattrgroup, will keep strengthening business, diplomatic and cultural relations between the countries. 

IUA interests in 2022 are focused on in the following industries and areas: 

  • Experience exchange. 
  • Export/import of goods and services.
  • Innovations and technologies.
  • Investment opportunities.
  • Healthcare, Digital Health.
  • Education. 


Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance