New boxing stars shine as Ukraine’s national youth boxing championship wraps up in Khmelnitsky

October 11 marked the final day of the Ukraine Youth Boxing Championship taking place at the “Epicentr” sports complex in the city of Khmelnitsky. Competing in the final bouts were 10 pairs of athletes selected during the week-long preliminary stage among 150 boxers from all over the country.

This year, the event’s location was unusually unpopulated due to coronavirus restrictions, but it doesn’t mean young Ukrainian boxers lacked fan support. Thanks to Quattrgroup, all final bouts of the championship were aired live online with a commentary by a well-known commentator covering boxing matches of top Ukrainian and world athletes.

Matching the top-notch commentary was the video quality. Spectacular boxing matches unfolded on a new ring with professional lighting allowing thousands of viewers to enjoy the image they could previously see only at the international level tournaments.

Such a thorough approach to organization is exactly what such tournaments often lack, says Sergei Vilner, CEO of Quattrgroup. According to him, all the stars of Ukrainian boxing have gone through youth championships at some point, and for many guys who came to of Khmelnitsky this week, this was a real opportunity to make a statement and compete under Ukrainian flag at the international level.

We tried to make sure that the organization of the event reflected the meaning it has for young boxers. So that both the participants and spectators have a feeling that this is already a real big boxing event, comments the executive.

And the feeling was there, largely thanks to the finalists themselves who did not give their opponents a single easy point. Exhausting the opponent, outplaying him tactically or relying on the superiority of their own technique, — each of the guys today had their own winning strategy.

I have been training for this victory for 9 years. No words to express what I feel now. My opponent was what made this fight really challenging, as he was fighting fiercely till the very last second,” says Denis Salabai, champion of Ukraine in the 81 kg weight class.

Along with Denis, 9 other boxers became champions today in their respective weight classes. Their names are already published on the Ukrainian Boxing Federation’s website. Quattrgroup congratulates all the winners, wishing them a successful transition to adult boxing and an illustrious career on the international ring.

We are all born champions, but not everyone gets a chance to prove it. If we can be a tool and a support in achieving those goals, that would be great. We raise winners, and thus we raise a better society, comments Mishel Furaev, founder of Quattrgroup.

Organization of the national youth championship is an important but not the only social initiative of the Quattrgroup, adds Sergei Vilner: “Today, we are implementing a large program of corporate social responsibility aimed at developing combat sports in Ukraine, including boxing. In addition to supporting the Khmelnitsky Boxing Federation that holds this championship, we are also the principal partner of the Women's Boxing League”.

According to Mr. Vilner, plans of Quattrgroup include opening of a large MMA club for martial artists of different ages, including boxers.